What is a Marketing Consultant

4 min read - October 1, 2022

A marketing consultant can be a professional marketer that is brought in to improve your marketing efforts. They will assess and understand your customers and create winning strategies to communicate your business’ message to them.

Consultants are highly-skilled individuals who have worked with companies in many different industries and sectors. They are able to identify opportunities within a company and how to promote them.

A consultant is an expert who will assess your business and create a marketing plan using various techniques and tactics to help you achieve your goals. Consultants can help you create a marketing plan and help you choose the best messaging. They will also direct you to the best marketing mix to communicate your message.

Once a marketing strategy has been established, an expert can help you execute it, optimising and assessing your marketing performance and ultimately making you more profitable. They can help you grow your business with better marketing.

Great consultants are passionate about helping businesses grow by better marketing.

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What does a marketing consultant do?

Although the job description of a marketing consultant is different for each company and project, it involves advising companies about how to reach, engage, and convert customers.

A range of services can be offered by marketing consultants, including:

  • Evaluation of current marketing efforts and suggestions for improvement
  • Assisting you in the design, planning, and implementation of digital marketing campaigns across all channels
  • Mentoring other marketers in best practices and technology
  • Provide solutions to workflows and new methods of reaching and converting customers
  • Analytic tools are used to track the success of marketing strategies

A digital marketing consultant is able to offer objective advice and provide solutions that will help a brand achieve its marketing goals. This role requires a deep understanding of digital marketing. It should also be able advise on key areas like paid media, SEO and analytics.

What qualifications does a marketing consultant need?

To become a successful marketing consultant, there are certain steps you need to follow. These steps include showing your expertise by obtaining a recognised industry certificate, gaining relevant experience and building a professional and client network.

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Here’s a list of skills and qualifications you will need to help you get started.

  • A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or business (or an MBA with marketing focus if you are able)
  • Your marketing success and history is displayed in a great portfolio
  • Many years of experience as a full time marketer, with expertise in digital technologies and tactics.
  • Expertise in one niche or extensive experience in many industries
  • Communication and copywriting skills are essential.
  • A wide range of marketing expertise is available (social media, content SEO, lead generation and PPC).
  • Marketing automation using software like Marketo, HubSpot Eloqua, Pardot or Eloqua.
  • Confidence in your abilities and the ability to defend your work
  • Excel, PowerPoint and Salesforce skills are essential
  • Understanding strategy and tactic. A strategy is a plan that has a goal. A tactic is an action that implements the strategy.
  • Soft skills like persuasion and adaptability, creativity, etc. are key.
  • Leadership skills, professionalism and a motivated attitude are key components of a successful team.
  • Capacity to empathise and listen