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Hello I’m George Allsop, a Freelance Digital Marketing Consult. I specialise in the digital transformation of SME’s to improve their online visibility that generates more leads and sales.

Are you looking for the following?

  • A Marketing Consult to help plan your online marketing strategies?
  • Help to make your marketing strategy a reality?
  • Somebody that can advise you to help you marketing move in the right direction?
  • If the above applies to you – then I’m here to help you

I have been working as a freelance marketing consult since 2018 and have been helping a number of people to improve their marketing campaigns. I can help you and your business with services such as Search Engine Optimsation, PPC Advertising, Social Ads and Email Marketing.

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What to expect next?

  1. Submit a to have your website reviewed
  2. Keep an eye out for the bespoke video review in your inbox
  3. Once you’ve watched, we can book a call to discuss your business

Online Marketing Strategy

I’m here to support you and your business to achieve greatness online. I’ll develop a bespoke digital marketing strategy to take your business to the next level.

This marketing strategy service consists of a number of meetings where we work closely together to understand who your target market is and how we can meet their needs.

I’ll look into which marketing channels are going to deliver the best results based on my experience and market research. I’m here to help you achieve your business goals.

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Search Engine Optimisation

After working freelance on SEO campaigns since late 2018, I have the experience it takes to develop an SEO strategy that will improve your visibility on Google and other search engines and gain that all important valuable organic traffic.

I will develop a plan, conduct keyword research, makes technical SEO fixes and build brand new links to your website’s design.

We’ll work closely together to ensure the plan is targeting the most important products and services first.

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Over the past number of years, I have worked with clients to develop their PPC campaigns. I plan, setup and manage the campaigns from start to finish.

If you want to create Google Ads campaigns, I can help. If you want to create Bing Ads / Microsoft Advertising Campaigns, I can help. I will ensure everything is dealt with and remove you stress.

We’ll work together to generate a budget and stick to it. I’ll then look to improve the statistic for that budget month-on-month and year-on-year. Statistics including:

  • Increases in CTR
  • Increases in impressions 
  • Increases in number of clicks 
  • Increases in conversions
  • Increases in sales
  • Reduction in bounce rate
  • Increase in relevancy

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Social Media Ads

Are you looking for support with Social Ads / Social Media Advertising? I can help you gain visibility and increase the number of enquiries and sales you’re receiving.

I create campaigns which are creative and relevant to the target audience on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I aim to make your ads as effective as possible to make the most out of the budget.

If you’re looking for more leads and more sales, then I’m here to help you to take advance of some of the most popular and most visited platforms / website there is today.

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Email Automation

Would you consider your email campaigns to be automated? Would you consider them to be as effective as can possibility be?

I am a registered partner with Keap which is formally known as Infusionsoft. I have the expertise to develop a email automation strategy, setup the account and turn your email automation dreams into a reality. As a partner, I am able to offer special offers as well as trials. If you’re interested to know more, simply get in touch.

Your email automation campaigns will help you to: collect leads, convert clients and customers and then turn those clients and customers into fans which consistently refer you.

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Who I've worked with

Case Studies

868% organic traffic growth for leading tech company

See how I increased traffic by 1,818% YoY for Loughborough based Smart Buildings technology firm.

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Samurai Security

See how I supported Sheffield based Cyber Security firm to increase organic traffic.

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The Cook and Him

Discover how I supported bloggers Sam and Phil to improve the SEO of their food blog bringing more relevant traffic.

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